PCK Awarded Confluence Award

Pretzel City Kitchens was recognized with twenty other successful community collaborations during an evening reception at Rockford Art Museum as the Rockford Chamber of Commerce presents the first Confluence Honors on 12/7/17. Per the Rockford Chamber, the award recognizes “organizations and people who have thrived on collaborating or partnering with other organizations and people to achieve success for their business, organization, initiative, or community. A partnership can be defined as any working relationship between a company, companies or persons for a period of time that have worked together to build strong business successes, positive community outcomes and initiatives – just good people working together to achieve great things that they could not do on their own.” People recognized for their work with PCK for this award include: Margaret Larson-University of IL Extension, Jen Newendyke and Steve Konefes-CareerTEC, Evan Talbert-HCC, Marilyn Smit-M45, Carole Dickerson-Community Member, Chrissy Hatlak-Christina’s Bakery, Nancy McDonald-City of Freeport, and Bill Green-Wagner House.