The success of PCK is contingent on community partners.

Groups to be included on the Pretzel City Kitchens non-profit board include:

  • City of Freeport – focused on PCK as a community/economic development catalyst for the city and region
  • University of Illinois Extension – supporting the growth of specialty crop production through education and training and connecting farmers with PCK to add value to crops
  • CareerTec – pursuing PCK as a potential location for future high school culinary programming and seeking other opportunities to bring youth into the project
  • Freeport Downtown Development Foundation – focused on PCK as a community development catalyst for Freeport’s downtown.  Fiscal agent until the non-profit is organized

Support from Grants

Pretzel City Kitchens Board:

Margaret Larson, University of IL-Extension
Marilyn Smit, M45 Marketing Services
Jen Newendyke, CareerTEC
Carole Dickerson, FDDF
Evan Talbert, Hospitality Instructor at Highland Community College
Christina Hatlak, Christina’s Bakery


Pretzel City Kitchens Planning Committee:

Nancy McDonald, City of Freeport
Brian Borger, Small Business Collaborative
Craig Beintema, Stephenson County Health Department
Danielle Rogers, Freeport Downtown Development Foundation
Grant McCarty, University of IL-Extension
Diane Reinhold, University of IL-Extension
Jessica Modica, Freeport Art Museum
Steve Konefes, CareerTEC Culinary