The success of PCK is contingent on community partners.

Groups to be included on the Pretzel City Kitchens non-profit board include:

  • City of Freeport – focused on PCK as a community/economic development catalyst for the city and region
  • University of Illinois Extension – supporting the growth of specialty crop production through education and training and connecting farmers with PCK to add value to crops
  • CareerTec – pursuing PCK as a potential location for future high school culinary programming and seeking other opportunities to bring youth into the project
  • Freeport Downtown Development Foundation – focused on PCK as a community development catalyst for Freeport’s downtown.  Fiscal agent until the non-profit is organized

Support from Grants

Pretzel City Kitchens Board:

Margaret Larson, University of IL-Extension
Marilyn Smit, M45 Marketing Services
Jen Newendyke, CareerTEC
Carole Dickerson, FDDF
Evan Talbert, Hospitality Instructor at Highland Community College
Christina Hatlak, Christina’s Bakery
Margaret Bardell, Chestnut Cliff Farms


Pretzel City Kitchens Planning Committee:

Nancy McDonald, City of Freeport
Brian Borger, Small Business Collaborative
Craig Beintema, Stephenson County Health Department
Danielle Rogers, Freeport Downtown Development Foundation
Grant McCarty, University of IL-Extension
Diane Reinhold, University of IL-Extension
Jessica Modica, Freeport Art Museum
Steve Konefes, CareerTEC Culinary